Toolkit in a pocketThe major feature of our application is that there is no such one feature: it is a complete professional-grade toolkit with every tool you need, available in your mobile device. But you can also install it from the Mac App Store on your Mac, if it runs any Apple Silicon chip.

Local performancesNetwork performances are about latency and throughput. This app not only lets you measure those values between you and the Internet, like many other apps, but it lets you measure them between different parts of your local network!

DiscoveringTo discover everything that can be discovered on your network, including IoT devices, this app generates unicast, broadcast and multicast ICMP packets, and even listens to mDNS/Bonjour-Zeroconf service announcements.

Heat MapDrawing a heat map of your wireless network coverage with a radio-frequency spectrum analyzer is very expensive. This app implements the Inverse Distance Weighting interpolation algorithm to compute a heat map from different measurements of your network speed at different locations.

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On 3rd March 2023

Swift sources available online! Explore the git repository on GitHub

On 28th Feb 2023

First commercial version available on the App Store Download the app from the App Store

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